Characters and Organizations


jeddin.jpg Jeddin of the Five Way
White-haired human male with a large hat and a horribly disfigured missing eye. Jeddin is from the somewhat isolated Library of Highforest, a small center of learning operated by priests and sages of Ioun and Bahamut. Being invited to study at this remote isolated institute was the honor of a lifetime. Two hundred years ago a scholar named Greldin fell under the influence of some unknown evil and caused havoc to the area, and though he was stopped and slain and his fell knowledge eradicated.. his legacy on the Library was that the sages there became uneasy about sharing any information about darker magics. Jeddin delved too deeply into these hidden mysteries and was asked to leave the Library. Since then he has joined the Lords of Gardmore, recovered the Necromancer's Dagger, learned the secrets of life and death, and stopped Bageron from summoning the Black Maw. Jeddin took Bageron's place as the Black Maw's apprentice, sacrificing the corrupted Tear of Ioun to the being in exchange for knowledge of the creation of the world. Since then, Jeddin spends almost all of his time in his tower. Inside that tower, Jeddin has created a universe of wonders that only Kun has glimpsed. Jeddin has made apologies to the party for taking the Tear and assured them that he represents no danger to them or the Vale. However, he still has secrets that would destroy his relationship with his friends, and his power (and dark reputation) continues to grow. Jeddin lives with his nymphs inside his tower in Gardmore, serving as Lord Sage of the city and assisting his friends whenever they need.
Crixus the Blade Whisperer
A stout Eladrin well into his middle age. Long silver hair, well defined musculature. A stone face. He wears blue painted leather armor and carries a magnificently crafted bastard sword. Many years ago, his wife Laelenia and son Evan were killed by highwaymen on the road between Fallcrest and Hammerfast. A witch named Andromeda healed Crixus and taught him the fundamentals of swordmagic in exchange for a future request granted. The master bladesmith Hesphestus taught Crixus how to create great swords, and Crixus forged his own sword, Deliverance. After finding and killing the highwaymen that had originally murdered his family, Crixus unleashed his own swordmagic abilities and began hearing the voice of his raven, Eliminster Nightfeather. Crixus adventured with the party for many years, eventually helping to free Gardmore and settling there with his son Evan to become the Lord Justiciar of Gardmore. Weekly, Crixus meets with the townsfolk to resolve differences and pass judgments on issues, representing the Lords.
zarel.jpg Zarel Gardrin
Wife of Chief Udoros. Zarel is the daughter of the Gardrin the Hammer, the founder of Gardmore abbey. She was once tricked into a dark snake-cult resulting in her transformation into a vampire. After this transformation, she was forcibly interred in a hidden tomb in the catacombs below Gardmore by her father. After the fall of the abbey, whatever wards kept her inside tomb began to fade. She regained her strength slowly over the years, and her power was only beginning to be realized when she encountered the future Lords of Gardmore. She attempted to sway them to her side, before fleeing her tomb with several charmed Winterhaven regulars left over from the big push to reclaim Gardmore. She later met the dwarven cleric of Tiamat, Kurik, and agreed to participate in a powerful summoning ritual. The Lords of Gardmore intervened, resulting in her defeat. However, the ghost of her Father appeared before she was able to flee in mist form to a safe location. The vampiric taint on her soul was removed, and her humanity was restored. Gardrin the Hammer requested that Udoros help her stay on a truer path, trusting the shifter with his daughter's care. Since her return to Gardmore she has spent much of her time with Udoros, exploring a blossoming romantic relationship, until the two were wed after Udoros slayed Piranoth. Following the wedding, Zarel accompanied her new husband south to Rethmil, to help him fulfill the prophecy of the Western Claw and free the enslaved shifters.
foolkeljack.jpg Kellem Jackson
Human male and Nentir Vale former bandit who led the party to the wilderness to help free him of his mysterious ancestral curse (a horrible facial scar and a red crystal shard he couldn't get rid of). Now that his madness is gone, his scar is gone, and the crystal is gone, Kellem feels like a new man. He is extremely grateful to the party, who have promised to testify on his behalf at a Fallcrest trial. Anefsina cut his arm off in the Bloodtower for undead ritual experiments, and Kellem was nursed back to health by Crixus. Kellem followed his agreement with the party to the letter, standing trial for his crimes in Fallcrest. The party testified on his behalf, and Lord Markelhay pardoned Kellem's crimes provided Kellem works for Fallcrest for one year. Kellem's friend Fool the ogre disappeared back into the wilderness. Kellem had promised Fool he'd help free the ogre tribe from slavery under a dragon. Eventually Kellem joined the Stormcrow mercenary group under Lenna and Elomir and alongside Denva, Talen, and Rubor. Kellem went temporarily insane from the corrupted Tear of Ioun, but he retained his wits long enough to help the party slay Elomir.
161.jpg Lord Criswell
Goodly lord from Winterhaven who led hundreds of refugees to Gardmore. These people rejected Erban's theocratic and judgmental rule of Winterhaven. The Lords of Gardmore accepted them all, and placed Lord Criswell as head of this group for logistical purposes. Lord Criswell has been instrumental in the success of Gardmore.
gerald%20roy.jpg Gerald Roy
Smuggler in the town's underworld, Gerald is one of Spymaster Poer's information sources on the street level. Poer keeps Gerald out of prison, and in exchange Gerald makes sure that Poer knows everything he can. Gerald is crude but candid.
deirdre.jpg Priestess Deirdre (dead)
Originally from Hammerfast, this beautiful blonde priestess of Ioun came to Gardmore as a pilgrim to visit the holy site where Ioun gave Saint Estered the Tear of Ioun. Deirdre had uncovered materials in the surviving manuscripts Kun recovered from the Highforest Library. These tomes had indicated that the Tear would be in the Forlorn Tower where the Kaorti used to dwell (a long-gone sect of Ioun worshipers). Deirdre secretly hoped to recover and purify the Tear. She met and befriended the party, informing them of the Forlorn Tower after Gardmore was attacked by grell. Over time, Deirdre and fellow Ioun-worshiper Kun grew to love each other, and consummated their relationship. She convinced Kun that the Tear could be purified, if they could recover it. However, after Bageron stole the Tear back from Shathrax under Gardmore, the Necromancer came across Deirdre in the tunnels under the center of the city. Deirdre tried to prevent him from taking the Tear, but Bageron just used the Tear to fatally deform Deirdre. When the party finished defeated Shathrax and followed Bageron's trail, they came across Deirdre as she lay dying. Kun was able to say goodbye, before the party set off after Bageron and the Tear.
heskan.jpg Heskan
Retired adventurer and leader of the Gardmore city guard, Heskan is a male dwarf and clanmate of Kun. Heskan is an old friend of Jeddin, Crixus, and Udoros as well.
lenna%20av.jpg Lenna
Lenna is a young human student of arcane magic, a former apprentice of Nimozaran the High Septarch of Fallcrest, and former lover of Jeddin. She wears her long, black hair loose, sometimes hanging in her face but swirling wildly around her head when she channels her magical power. Lenna formed the Stormcrows with Elomir, Denva, Kellem, Rubor, and Talen, and then took a quest from Cylus (secretly Bageron's agent) to retrieve the corrupted Tear of Ioun. The Tear drove the Stormcrows insane, until the party rescued them. Lenna healed in Gardmore, and later moved into the tower with Jeddin.
Human male apprentice of Vandomar. He and his brother Talen were rescued by the party and have since sworn loyalty to the party. Formed the Stormcrows with Lenna and Elomir, Denva, Kellem, and his brother, and then took a quest from Cylus (secretly Bageron's agent) to retrieve the corrupted Tear of Ioun. The Tear drove the Stormcrows insane, until the party rescued them. Rubor later accompanied Udoros and Zarel south to Rethmil to help rescue the enslaved shifters.
talen%20av.jpg Talen
Human male apprentice of Vandomar. He and his brother Rubor were rescued by the party and have since sworn loyalty to the party. Formed the Stormcrows with Lenna and Elomir, Denva, Kellem, and his brother, and then took a quest from Cylus (secretly Bageron's agent) to retrieve the corrupted Tear of Ioun. The Tear drove the Stormcrows insane, until the party rescued them. Talen later accompanied Udoros and Zarel south to Rethmil to help rescue the enslaved shifters.
sirevan.jpg Sir Evan Velfarren
A tall, graceful eladrin with the ethereal beauty and wisdom of the fey. His hair is pale and gold, and his eyes are solid orbs of pearlescent silver. He wears a coat of chainmail woven from mithral beneath an embroidered tunic of green and gray, and a slender sword hangs at his belt. Evan's sole priority is his adopted family and retainers who have accompanied him (some eladrin fey knights and dryads). No ethical principle guides his action except the loyalty of kinship and the honor that derives from repaying favors done. Evan is aloof and mysterious, yet passionate and mercurial. The party has earned his gratitude (from rescuing his sister Analastra) and trust (from recovering documents detailing the fey claim to the feygrove). It was later found out that Sir Evan was really Crixius' son, who was saved and then hidden from him by Andromeda. Andromeda states that she did it to protect him from some great danger that is coming in the future. Sir Evan is a member of the order.
Lady Analastra Velfarren
A beautiful eladrin female and sister to Sir Evan, she also quested to discover Evan's biological father. The party rescued her from the watchtower in Gardmore, moments before she would have perished. She is brave and compassionate, and remains by Evan's side.


Adjanah%2B02.jpg Adjanah
Sister of Cyrus and co-leader of the Protectorate. Adjanah is an attractive half-elf female that leads the day-to-day operations of the faction and has masterminded the coup of the Holy Triad and the Crimson Fleet (provided it works). She is based out of Eralakni's Emporium and is working with the party to make Scuttlecove a better, safer, and more profitable place. Adjanah was kidnapped by the Crimson Fleet's associate, the Leech, and taken to Red Foam Whaling. Later, she was given over to the harpies at the Birdcage to be tortured for information about the Protectorate. When the party rescued her from the Birdcage, Adjanah made clear that she revealed nothing about the Protectorate's plans, but she did discover that the Seventh Coil (a small faction of snake men to which the Leech belonged) had allied with the Crimson Fleet. Adjanah had also discovered that the Minting House was a Seventh Coil safehouse, and quickly led the party to that place in order to find out the location of the Crimson Fleet's secret headquarters for a final assault. After having a wild night with Kun to celebrate their victory at the Minting House, Adjanah and her fleet destroyed the Crimson Fleet at sea while the party destroyed the pirate leadership back at the Crimson Fleet's secret headquarters. Now in charge of Scuttlecove (alongside Cyrus), Adjanah wishes she had more free time to spend getting to know Kun better.
eralakni.jpg Eralakni
A powerful half-orc merchant mistress, Eralakni runs the large marketplace emporium in the pirate city and helps her friends Cyrus and Adjanah in the Protectorate.
Ophelia_the_Tiefling_Fighter_by_candypalmer.jpg Tyralandi
A gothic, haunting beauty, this woman looks somewhat (but not quite) like a tiefling in an oversized black hooded cloak. She can mind-control the thugs of Scuttlecove, and has her own exodus dagger. She approached the party and let them know that she wants Porphyry House to fall, and she will help them if she can. She let them know that the drow that run it are Lolth cultists with Wulvera as their leader, and that Wulvera is planning some sort of ritual sacrifice to Lolth with her new drug Spidervenom. During the final assault on Wulvera, Tyralandi provided decisive support by using her charmed thugs to tie up the Porphyry House's barracks while the Lords of Gardmore defeated the drow family. After the victory, Tyralandi agreed to help in the fight for Scuttlecove as long as Cyrus promised her a seat on the new council. In exchange, she promised some income from the Porphyry House, that the House would no longer ban all other prostitution in the city, and that there would be no further exploitation or animal-use by the House.


the-gnome-shop.jpg High Priest Kendred
Male gnome leader of the Temple of Ioun in Hammerfast. A very good friend of the party, Kendred paid for Kun's return from the afterlife and conducted the ritual himself. He is particularly fascinated by strange monsters and reports of dungeons and other dangerous places. He invites adventurers to the temple to share what they have seen in their travels and has been known to hound them for hours with questions. For instance, he desperately wanted to question someone on what it is like to be swallowed by a purple worm to settle a bet on the beast’s internal anatomy and workings (until Udoros had the opportunity to be swallowed by a purple worm and satisfy Kendred's curiosity). Recently Kendred helped Kun purify the Library of Highforest, and then is on his way to Gardmore to help the party establish a settlement there.
dwarf.jpg Lord Commander Tenkar Stoneshield
The leader of Hammerfast's town guard has earned respect, but the extended period of peace has proven toxic to his competence. Tenkar led several successful expeditions against goblins early in his career and earned his position based on skill as a battlefield commander. During times of peace, however, he grows bored with his duties. Tenkar is friends with the Lords and keeps them informed. He mistrusts Erban.


thair_coalstriker.jpg Thair Coalstriker
Dwarven smith, and owner of the village smithy. He was one of the refugees that fled with Kun and Heskan from the mountains to the east. He chose not to settle with them in their new village, but traveled to Winterhaven to get as far from the eastern mountains as he could.
Valthran.jpg Valthrun the Prescient
Valthrun is a sage and scholar who lives in a tower within Winterhaven’s walls. On occasion he shows up in Wrafton’s to socialize. Valthrun is knowledgeable about the area. Valthrun is a good listener, asking just enough questions to keep whomever he speaks with talking.


Kemara Brownbottle
The true genius behind the Blue Moon Alehouse. This halfling brewmaster is happy to let Par fret about running the taphouse, while she spends her time perfecting her selection of ales and beers.
markelhay.jpg Lord Faren Markelhay
The Lord Warden of Fallcrest is a balding, middle-aged human with a keen mind and a dry wit. He is a busy man and sees to local matters personally. He is eager for news of other towns in the Vale (and farther lands as well) and never turns away someone who brings him news or waits to see him.
nimozaran_the_green_wizard.jpg Nimozaran the Green
An elderly wizard who was once apprenticed to the last of the old guild mages. Nimozaran considers himself the “High Septarch of Fallcrest” and master of the guild, whose membership now includes only himself, Kun, and a rather unpromising male halfling apprentice named Tobolar Quickfoot. Nimozaran expects any potential new guild members to pay a hefty initiation fee, and so far none of the few other arcanists living in or passing through Fallcrest have seen reason to join except Kun and Tobolar.
Teldorthan_Ironhews.jpg Teldorthan Ironhews
This dwarf is the Fallcrest’s weaponsmith and armorer. He is a garrulous old fellow who spends his time trading stories with his customers with a pipe clenched in his teeth, while his apprentices (two of whom are his sons) do the work. Make no mistake—Teldorthan is a master armorer, and under his supervision his apprentices turn out work of exceptional quality. He can be frequently found at the Blue Moon Alehouse drinking with his friend, Sergeant Murgeddin of the Wizard's Gate.


Poer D'Exham
Fôl Homeland - No one would call Poer handsome, although he is not yet ugly. He takes great care to not reveal himself too much and generally wears clothing designed to obscure his anatomy, topped with a voluminous cloak. There is something unsettling about how he stands, slightly stooped, and the way he moves. There is something boneless in the gait. Poer is a member of the Family, an old tribe of nomads who had been traveling from world to world since an ancient primordial, the Black Maw, corrupted their homeland and souls long ago. The Trek of a Millenia finally recently ended as the Lords of Gardmore ended the Curse on the Bloodline, and the Fôl children went about purifying their homeland near Bael Turath with Poer as their leader. Poer remains a dear friend of the party and keeps in touch as he fights to resettle his ancestral home.
arezisarwin.jpg Arezi Sarwin
Castle Sarwin - Beautiful human female teen and Lady of Nenlast and Castle Sarwin. She was kidnapped and possessed by Tiboquoboc and used to kill her town and whole family. The Lords of Gardmore rescued her and stopped the plot to awaken Torog the god, delivering Castle Sarwin back into her hands. Tanya stayed with her to protect her while Nenlast gets re-established.
tanya%20silverdusk%20mini.jpg Tanya Silverdusk
Castle Sarwin - Female tiefling rogue that died when Nenlast was destroyed. Kun raised her the next day and she joined the party for revenge. Almost dying and repeatedly saving the party over the next week, Tanya was instrumental in saving Castle Sarwin and Arezi Sarwin. Tanya befriended the Lords, and after Sarwin was safe, Tanya decided to stay on with Lady Sarwin and protect her while Nenlast gets re-established.
Jagos the Master Bard
At Large - After winning the Bardic Contest put on by the Lords of Gardmore, Jagos joined them in many adventures and learned from each of them. Eventually, as agreed, he left the group in order to travel and sing songs and tell tales of how mighty the Lords are and how magnificent the reclaimed city of Gardmore is for new immigrants. Jagos continues to spread these tales far and wide today.
Andromeda.jpg Andromeda
At Large - Mercury dragon shapeshifter and member of the Draconic Order which protects the Nentir Vale. Andromeda is not above lying to get her way, though she and Ional Velfarren (the Draconic Order) generally seem to want to protect the Value. She was taken prisoner by General Thorgrim, leader of Doom's vanguard army invading the Vale. The party rescued Andromeda from the serpent witches, and Udoros helped Andromeda slay the summoned purple worm. She then sponsored the party into the Order, and the party discovered Andromeda was the witch who saved Crixus' life years ago and taught him swordmagic. Andromeda placed Clenderi the Frost Witch in a block of ice generations ago. The party recently discovered Andromeda rescued Evan (Crixus' son) decades ago and then kidnapped the boy to be raised elsewhere. She never revealed the truth, the party was told by nymphs and then confronted Andromeda who didn't deny or repent her actions but insisted they were necessary to protect Evan from a great threat. The Draconic Order is a mysterious order whose stated goals are to protect the Nentir Vale. Their symbol is a silvery dragon on a field of blue. They have been known to oppose the Frost Witches.
At Large - A young male genasi, Zef stands 5'8" and weighs 145 lbs. He wears elven battle hide armor and wields a powerful deathstalker longbow. Zef seems to dislike some wizards and has an unexplained ability to fly in short bursts. He was an active bandit of mysterious origin both before and after he was briefly a member of the party. He left the party on good terms, but with no notice.

The Snowfang Tribe

An ancient shifter tribe from the Winterbole forest in the north of the Nentir Vale. The Snowfang is currently led by Chief Udoros, who holds the Snowfang blade and is widely believed to be the Western Claw, a savior figure of shifter prophecy. The tribe is currently based in Gardmore, where it makes up a majority of the population. Udoros has merged the Snowfang tribe with the Tigerclaw tribe, and hopes to free the other shifter tribes from slavery in the far south and merge with them as well.
  • Ajani Swiftstripe, Moonspeaker of the Tigerclaw Tribe - Gardmore - Udoros' closest ally who leads the shifters in his absence. Descendent of Hota Swifstripe, a legendary figure in the history of Winterbole Forrest. Ajani was exiled by the former Chieften of the Tigerclaw, Scargash, for threatening to reveal information that would have stopped Scargash's raid on the Snowfang tribe that resulted in the death of Chief Utan of the Snowfang. The legend would have it that Hota Swiftstipe bested the primordial beast known to all shifters as the Hunter of Winter. However, Ajani discovered that his ancestor Hota Swiftstripe did not best the Hunter of Winter on his own, he did it with his sworn blood-brother Darmoc of the Snowfang. Swearing an oath of brotherhood to Udoros, he choose to rally the remnants of the Tigerclaw tribe and swear fealty to Udoros as Chief.
  • Elder Sangir - Gardmore - Respected as the wisest of the Snowfang elders, Sangir speaks for them. He supported joining the dwarves in settling Gardmore, and believes Udoros to be the Western Claw.
  • Lieutenant Sasha - Rethmil Journey - Udoros' close friend and bodyguard, Sasha has no patience for threats to her tribe or her Chief.

The Lords of Mithrendain

  • Lady Saffrenia Movrymm - Mithrendain - One of the ruling eladrin of Mithrendain, Saffrenia's life was saved twice by the party and then the group helped her root out corruption at the highest levels in her city. Saffrenia is extremely grateful to the party and maintains a close personal friendship with the party. The party helps Saffrenia figure out Jelvistra and Dresyae's plot to take over the city, and she rewards them with Dresyae's estates in the city.
  • Lord Flaeorn Marnon - Mithrendain - One of the ruling eladrin of Mithrendain. He likes the party and enjoys the company of honest folk, disdaining supplicants. He is surrounded by an adoring crowd, and has performed many good works for the city, including donating a sizable amount of his fortune to charities. The extravagant Flaeorn is given to bursts of unusual behavior. One day he might insist that purple is a foul color; the next, he orders his home painted in bright lilac hues. He is manic and random, and the people of Mithrendain love him for it. Flaeorn gives grand gifts to even the lowest of the common folk, and his pavilion is always packed. Jelvistra repeatedly tried to corrupt Flaeorn, but his mercurial moods have thwarted her. He believes Dresyae is dangerous and power hungry, Laemu would sell his children if the price were right, and Serriay is far less capable than her recent success suggests.
  • Lady Serriay Celshil - Mithrendain - One of the ruling eladrin of Mithrendain. A young eladrin who wants to be an effective leader on council but is ill suited to her position. Serriay genuinely cares for the people of her city. Jelvistra had managed to exert control over her by feeding her suggestions for policy and protocol that Serriay has passed off as her own. Later indebted to Jelvistra, Serriay found herself taking orders from her “friend.” Serriay and her husband Thendol found Jelvistra attractive and brilliant, but then found themselves subtly threatened.
  • Lord Laemu Spiremrul - Mithrendain - One of the ruling eladrin of Mithrendain. Councilor Laemu seeks only to advance himself by the collection of wealth. He was the first to fall to Jelvistra’s plots, bought off for coin and the promise of more lucrative dealings with her unknown master. Laemu deflected blame about working with Jelvistra to Serriay, and claimed he merely accepted a small honorarium for his research. However, the party discovered that Laemu has been bribed with several thousand in gold to support her plans in the council.
  • Lord Ionel Velfarren - Mithrendain - One of the ruling eladrin of Mithrendain. Sir Evan's adopted father and father to Lady Analastra Velfarren. Lord Velfarren is a fey lord, and was made a councilor after the party slayed Dresyae and took his estate. Sir Evan revealed Ionel was a member of the Draconic Order. Ionel aided the party in saving Mithrendain and introduced them to Poer.