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I'm starting to materialize a Gnome Sorceror, probably with an elemental bloodline. I'll probably reuse the name Zef in some variation. Gnomes should have Z names. Possibility I may go for Halfling instead, still trying to decide. The characters works as either.

Re: Pathfinder campaign by ZefSeranZefSeran, 11 Aug 2014 14:31

Well we're sticking with the Core Rulebook only for building, but other than that naw no approval necessary for level ones I don't think. However, I'd like everyone to upload their finished character into google drive Online D&D Campaign/Pathfinder directory for absences, just like this campaign. If anyone needs help acquiring a Core Rulebook pdf let me know.

Re: Pathfinder campaign by candlepaladincandlepaladin, 03 Aug 2014 17:27


Do you want us to send you our character sheets for approval?

Re: Pathfinder campaign by JoeHaybaleJoeHaybale, 01 Aug 2014 15:05

After being slain by the arrows of the goodly but misguided folk of the Vale, Udoros' body was saved from the Winterhaven skirmish by his allies. They carried him away in the Thundercloud Tower and safely back to Gardmore. Everyone rested while Kun immediately set about casting the ritual that would bring Udoros' soul back to his physical body. There was no time to lose, with the snow falling more heavily than ever.

Kun lay Udoros' body on the main altar slab in the Abbey of Gardmore. This beautiful Abbey that they had freed from its temporal taint of being filled with monsters, and freed from its founding taint of being influenced by dark forces of the afterlife. Together, Kun and Udoros alone among the Lords took their residence in the Abbey itself. Kun knew that Udoros' beliefs were different from his own. Kun worshiped Ioun, the goddess of knowledge, while Udoros' gods were the nature spirits of the world, which Udoros believed dwelled in hidden glens and forests with the spirits of his honorable ancestors and forebears. That difference aside, Kun and Udoros had bled time and again to create this home for themselves and their people. Gardmore stood strong, and filled with good and free dwarves and shifters. But now, to save not only their home but the Nentir Vale itself from a snowy apocalypse, Udoros had fallen.

Kun went through the ritual with focused experience and confidence. Hours later, as he completed the complicated casting, he waited for the effect. He didn't hesitate in doubt, worrying that it might not work. He knew his magic was strong enough, and he knew Udoros' will was strong enough. The shifter would return.

Udoros opened his eyes and started convulsing with the remnants of the pain from taking seven large arrows into his body. After a few seconds, he shook off his last memory and sat up. He oriented his mind and looked at Kun.

"Thank you, my friend." Kun nodded.

"I asked Zarel not to be here, so I could concentrate. But I also wanted to talk with you," Kun said.

"I understand. Quinn was right," Udoros said. "We were fools to let Erban live so long, gather so much strength. Time and again, we gave him the benefit of the doubt. I thought I had been overcoming my anger, my shifter nature, in holding us back from acting. I thought that since Erban had insulted me and my shifter kin, I was being the bigger person by letting him live and carry on. I realize now, though, that we should've put him down months ago. He's not the harmless fool we thought him."

"No," Kun said. "He's not."

Udoros sighed. "I understand now that the times are too dangerous, with the gods walking the lands, to risk the whole of the Nentir Vale on random townsfolk or mayors being manipulated. For better or worst, we can stop the gods and resist their control, and nobody else can. It's a brilliant tactic, to turn the town guards against us, from the very towns in this Vale we are trying to save. But we cannot allow it again. Going forward, we are the Nentir Vale, and anyone who says others, mayor, lord, theocrat, or farmer, will have their mind promptly changed. We need to be able to focus on the real threat, and these petty barons cannot get in our way again. Our own goodness cannot be used against us."

Kun's eyebrows went up at that. It was practical, but Udoros had always been somewhat soft-hearted about dealing with townsfolk, compared to Kun's hammer-to-the-face policy. Udoros truly was changed, for the better, Kun thought. Kun nodded. "Let's go have a conversation with our old friend Erban, shall we?"

Udoros Reborn by candlepaladincandlepaladin, 13 Jul 2014 22:03

I estimate that it took us less than half a minute from the start of hostilities to knock Erban and a third of his guards unconscious. It took another 12 seconds to escape.
Now we need to kidnap a neutral observer who can relate that this act of violence on Winterhaven is really for the greater good (and also that Erban had it coming.)

Oh yeah, and Udoros acquired a nice collection of blood-soaked arrows.

Company of Wit or Folly sounds good… or hey, why not the Company of Wit And Folly? heh, that could work too.

I still haven't decided what I'm shooting for, by the way. I was thinking of resurrecting an old warrior idea that I had, and a book I read recently makes me want to do just that. But I also wouldn't mind trying my hand at a wizard or sorceror or… well, I'm going to look more into the pathfinder stuff before I decide. Just give me a deadline as to when!

Re: Pathfinder campaign by ZefSeranZefSeran, 06 Jul 2014 20:15

The Witless Wanderers sounds good to me. Probably accurate too.

All good thoughts. So maybe keeping it more upbeat and something to draw the crowds.

The Witless Wanderers
Wit & Folly
The Company of Folly

Re: Pathfinder campaign by JoeHaybaleJoeHaybale, 03 Jul 2014 18:24

FYI I'm toying with a cleric, just not sure how offensive I want to be. I'll have more knowledge over the upcoming long weekend.

Re: Pathfinder campaign by heggunheggun, 03 Jul 2014 17:31

Wow you guys are amazing, again not a one I don't like.

Re: Pathfinder campaign by candlepaladincandlepaladin, 03 Jul 2014 17:11

Good names, I think I like the Company of Wit or Witless Wonders most.

Re: Pathfinder campaign by heggunheggun, 03 Jul 2014 16:26

Good going, Joe.
I think the bastard theme could be fun too, Rat Bastards might be too in your face though. How would a simple coastal town feel about a group of entertainers who introduced themselves as the "Rat Bastards"?

Also, some of us bastards might not want to embrace our shady past so easily (then again, the name may have been suggested by one of the Brotherhood of Seven, those bastards!)

My own suggestions:

The Seventh Sons
The Last in Line
Men's Folly
Fate's Outcasts
The Wrongsiders
Mother's Grief

I am partial to the "The Sorry Lot" from the previous list.

I support any/every one of those myself, nice! Others' thoughts?

Re: Pathfinder campaign by candlepaladincandlepaladin, 30 Jun 2014 22:30

A groupmoot! Here's my brain-dump. Since a couple of our characters are bastards, I like the bastard theme.

The Rat Bastards
The Sorry Lot
The Magnimar Minstrels
The Brotherhood of Bastards
The Bastards Boys
The Mummers Men
The Band of Serenaders
The Company of Wit
The Witless Wonders
The Troupe of Wanderers

Re: Pathfinder campaign by JoeHaybaleJoeHaybale, 30 Jun 2014 21:27

So the Brotherhood of the Seven is persuading/forcing each PC into joining forces with each other and becoming a traveling band of adventurers and circus performers. The idea behind being a troupe is so the adventuring party has a good reason to be traveling to isolated Sandpoint (to bring them entertainment and news from the local big city), and so the group gains more fame more quickly (part of sales, everyone knows who you are, they may ask you to do jobs more quickly, there aren't exactly televisions to advertise on). Your first mission is to go from Magnimar to Sandpoint with each other in the troupe wagon and start putting on shows until you get paying jobs, while sending half of all your profits back to the Brotherhood in Magnimar once each month. The Brotherhood has set you up with a man named Cyrdak Drokkus, the owner of the Sandpoint Theater. Cyrdak has agreed to at least temporarily let your group use his Theater in Sandpoint.

Okay so everyone's PC is going to have some sort of entertainment skill (don't necessarily worry about actual mechanical skill ranks). Can we pick what everyone is going to be good at, as part of the carnival troupe/traveling actors? Ideas again are one juggler, one fire-eater, one animal handler, one stilts guy, one tightrope walker, bearded lady, a falconer, a clown or comic, a strongman doing feats of strength, etc.

Naim has picked that his human fighter Rincewind will be a fortune-teller.
Joe's human bard will be the wagon driver and a performing storyteller.
Ron's half-orc ranger could be an animal handler (lion tamer?) or falconer.

Also, we can leave open that occasionally the entire troupe will perform as actors in a famous or self-written play, entertaining cities, as one role or another in the play.

Finally, can we come to a consensus on a name for the group? In the middle ages these groups were called playing companies or troupes, and they were players, troupers, minstrels, or gleemen. A fantastical name for a group of circus/performer/actors could be anything at all, but let's come up with one. The Minstrels? The Troupers? Some word/adjective before either noun?

Re: Pathfinder campaign by candlepaladincandlepaladin, 30 Jun 2014 07:56

Oh so the circus is our "cover". I like it!

Maybe my bard is an actual performer who has been sent to Sandpoint to help get this group started. He has some experience with performances.

I want to have him start out as young and naive. So maybe his father (a full fledged) performer is in debt with the Brotherhood. He sends his son off to repay his debt.

Re: Pathfinder campaign by JoeHaybaleJoeHaybale, 04 Jun 2014 16:57

I'm planning to be Rincewind, a Human (Varisian) ex-wizard (i.e. a level 1 Wizard who will take Fighter levels from then on).

Race Class: Varisian (human) Wizard
Weapon: Scarf (Bladed)
Main skills: Knowledge, (and later intimidate.)

He was commanded to join the band in Sandpoint by one of the Brotherhood of Seven and the same person forbade him to reveal that he is a wizard by training. (The blackmailer is hoping to send Rincewind to his death.)

Rincewind will use his scarf to trip people as he is too cowardly to commit to an actual melee fight.

The traveling troupe idea could be interesting, assuming something happens in Sandpoint before people have time to wonder why this traveling troupe is hanging around so long. Rincewind could play at being the fortune-teller.

Hmm could be a group of traveling actors? An adventuring party slash acting troupe, or a bunch of different carney-types. One juggler, one fire-eater, one animal handler, one stilts guy, one tightrope walker, etc? If everyone is interested, this could also be why the Brotherhood of the Seven chose each of you strangers to make group up together in a new 'fake' group. You happen to have complementary skills as actors or circus people, so they thought teaming you up would be a perfect cover /way to get attention on your group.

Re: Pathfinder campaign by candlepaladincandlepaladin, 03 Jun 2014 21:39

Here's my character plan so far:

Race Class: Varisian (human) Bard
Weapon: Whip & Sword
Main skills: Social, Stealth, Arcane

He will be a traveling story-teller and historian. He uses his whip to trip or disarm foes.

If folks like my idea of eventually traveling around in a carriage (or stagecoach), he could be the driver.

As a historian, I want to keep logs of the parties adventures written from his point of view.

Re: Pathfinder campaign by JoeHaybaleJoeHaybale, 03 Jun 2014 16:09
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