The Gardbury Downs take their name from this striking ruin, a large monastery that has lain in ruins for almost one hundred fifty years. Gardmore Abbey was one of the first settlements in the Nentir Vale, almost three hundred fifty years ago. For decades, the Abbey marked the northern extent of Nerath's expansion. Its construction is a defensive fortification on a hill to protect the village and abbey.


Gardmore was dedicated to Bahamut and served as the base of a militant order of paladins who won great fame fighting in Nerath’s distant crusades. As the story goes, the paladins brought a dark artifact (the chaos deck) back from a far crusade for safekeeping, and evil forces gathered to assault the abbey and take it back. Extensive dungeons lie beneath the ruins, which might still conceal the hoarded wealth of the old crusading paladins.

The major force of original invaders was a force of orcs from the Stonemarch, and ninety years ago during the Bloodspear War another major battle was fought at Gardmore. The armies of Fallcrest were defeated then, and the orc armies swept through the Vale, leaving Fallcrest in ruins. Recently, the Lords of Gardmore have slain the orc squatters and captured the village in the interest of founding a new home for their people and outcasts everywhere. Jagos, finest bard in the Vale, travels the countryside singing the praise of the Lords of Gardmore and encouraging new settlers and refugees to seek its protective walls.

Gardmore City and Abbey


Population: 650 Snowfang shifters, 300 Runecarver dwarves, 600 Beasthide shifters, 600 Swiftwing shifters, 500 Cliffwalk shifters, 20 eladrin, 20 humans, 5 nymphs. Recently several hundred shifters from the Tigerclaw and other smaller shifter tribes from Winterbole have chosen to call Gardmore home.

The Council of Gardmore is the ruling body and convenes in the Abbey. The Lords of Gardmore all have seats on the council. A seat on the council is considered a great honor as well as a position of power. The Lords respect each other greatly as close friends and so make all major decisions together. Some others sit on the council with the Lords, but the judgment of the Lords of Gardmore collectively is final in all matters. Often multiple Lords are absent from Gardmore, and the remaining Lords hold authority during those times.

Lord Protector Udoros - (prime admin, ambassador for Gardmore, resolves internal disputes)
Lord Deacon Kun - (moral guide, religious leader, master of healing and portals)
Lord Sage Jeddin - (seeker of mysteries and master of lore)
Lord Justiciar Crixus - (holds lawful court and resolves disputes w/reasonable judgment)
Lord Commander Heskan - (manages Gardmore's city watch and standing forces)
The Master of Coin, Criswell - (chief financial adviser and manager, paymaster and tax collector)

Notable Locations

1.) The Main Gate
The Main Gate of Gardmore has recently been rebuilt and refortified by the dwarven smiths who have come to live in Gardmore. It is manned by the watch.

2.) The City Keep
One of the structures that survived more-or-less intact during the dark times of Gardmore. It is currently inhabited by Lord Commander Heskan and his wife Varda Goldspinner (daughter of High Master Marinda Goldspinner of Hammerfast). It also serves as the administrative building for Gardmore's day-to-day activities. This is where Crixus comes weekly to hold a justice court and judge local matters representing the Lords.

3.) The City Garrison
The City Garrison is home to the bulk of Gardmore's full-time watch, a force of approximately 80.

4.) Gardmore Wizard's Tower
Currently inhabited by the wizard Lenna, a former apprentice of Nimozaran of Fallcrest, and the two former apprentices of the Vandomar, the Blue Arcanian (Rubor and Talen). The tower has largely been repaired, and has begun to accept new students of the arcane. Lenna has been lobbying the Highforest Library to share tomes and scrolls. She stays in frequent contact with Jeddin.

5.) Feygrove
Home to Sir Evan, his sister Analestra, and Crixus. A gateway to the lands near Mithrendain, a sister city to Gardmore. This gateway and the surrounding forest is inhabited by several fey creatures and a small group of eladrin that have begun to call it home.

6.) Jeddin's Tower
Jeddin makes his home here. The great southern watchtower, site of powerful chaotic magic from the Far Realm. It, and the wall near it, have recently been repaired. The tower is held by watchmen drafted from the elves and eladrin living in Gardmore's Feygrove. It is said that from the top of the watchtower one can see clear to the southern King's Road.

7.) Heroes' Gate
The gate that separates the top of the roost from the community below has largely remained open. Several small repairs have been completed for safety.

8.) The Abbey
Kun and Udoros make their base of operations together here. The former majestic cathedral to Bahamut and all the other benevolent gods worshiped by the Nentir Vale has been fully repaired. The Abbey holds shrines to every good and neutral god and places none above any other. There is even a shrine to the natural spirits of the world, for acknowledging their role, though Udoros and those of similar beliefs commune with the nature spirits in the wilderness.

9.) Belltower
Like the other defense of Gardmore, the Belltower has been repaired to serve as a city wide warning to an impending threat. It was also recently decreed by the Council of Gardmore that on the anniversary of the second founding of the city, that the bell is to ring on the 10 times on the hour from dawn to dusk in celebration.

10.) Snowfang Street
A residential district largely inhabited by shifters from the Snowfang tribe.

11.) Foundry
The Foundry is largely the reason the city was able to rebuild so quickly. The dwarves of the Runecarver clan were quick to establish this industrial complex in the city. Blacksmiths and Runesmiths toil in this place turning out goods and building materials.

12.) Marketplace
Largely established during the transition from forest life to city life by the Snowfang, the Marketplace has become home local and visiting merchants from all over the Nentir Vale. Recently, textiles brought up river to Fallcrest have become all the rage in Gardmore.

13.) Runecarver Row
The stone houses of old Gardmore village have come to suit the once displaced Runecarver clan of Dwarves. When not toiling at the Foundry, many dwarven smiths can be found repairing these houses and making them their own.

Mithrendain Tower


The Mithrendain Tower was a gift from the city of Mithrendain. It is a relic from the days of the wars between Arkhosian and Bael Turath. It is three levels: storage, living, and the control level. In flight it generates a thundercloud that it floats on. Inside the tower are several damaged and in-operable Warforged also from the time of Arkhosia. The great flying thundercloud tower is typically moored off of the western part of Dragon's Roost, floating magnificently out over the air.
Mithrendain Tower Wondrous Item
Mithrendain Tower Vehicle

Gardmore's Holdings


Gardmore's holdings include the Gardbury Downs (which includes over 25 miles of King's road), the southern portions of Lake Wintermist, and a stretch of the Winter River. Since the re-founding of Gardmore, several small villages and towns have sworn allegiance to Gardmore's banner. Some of the notable are:

Arek's Fork - A small farming community southeast of Gardmore proper. This community supplies almost 40% of Gardmore's grain and livestock. For many years it's population numbered only 50, but many former residents of Winterhaven have settled here. It currently has a population of almost 300, comprised of mostly shifters and humans. Its mayor is Sir Alderan Kettleback, a retired knight. Kettleback is on good terms with the Council of Gardmore.

Lakeside - A fishing town located on Lake Wintermist. It was recently under the protection of Winterhaven, but has since sworn for Gardmore. It is a source of contention between Winterhaven and Gardmore. It's population is comprised of mostly halflings, who number close to 120. They provide salted fish and Winterbole lumber to Gardmore. A small force of Gardmore regulars are stationed here. Recently dozens of shifters who wanted to be closer to nature have settled here as well. They have been welcomed by the halflings of Lakeside who have always had a good relationship with the shifters in the forest. With the increased population (the shifter tribe adding almost 250 to the town), the halflings agreed to turn leadership over to the older and wiser Elder Sangir. Now the acting mayor of Lakeside, the town has begun to grow. Not forgetting the connection to Udoros and Gardmore, the town sends forces to help bolster the standing army of Gardmore, and has pledged more if levies are needed.

Grayfort - A small mining fort set in the foothills of the Gray Downs. It serves as source of raw minerals for the dwarven forges in Gardmore. It has recently been fortified by a small force to serve as Gardmore's outpost in the Gray Downs. It has only a population of 150, but is a mix of dwarves, shifters, dragonborn, and goliaths (whom hail from the Gray Downs). Life is not easy in and around the Grayfort.