The Modern Age

Prelude to Nerath

CY-1000 to CY-600

Events measured in centuries, but not explicitly during the Nerathi Empire, will be included here.

For a thousand years or more the Iron Wolf people have thrown back hordes of orcs, giant marauders, and the sorcerous legions of Karkoth, falling upon each group of invaders with uncommon fury. (Dr400, "NL: The Iron Wolf Barbarians".

One thousand years ago, when the great elven kingdom of Solaneillon entered its final decline. (DR401, "Nerathi Legends: The Emerald Blade")

The first skull lords arose from the ashes of the Black Tower of Vumerion, either created intentionally by the human necromancer or came forth spontaneously from the foul energies of his fallen sanctum. (MM, p.236)

The community of Everwatch was built during the dark years following the Dragon Wars against the tiefling empire and the bright days promised by glorious Nerath (Dr392, p.11)

Many centuries ago, a human and elven kingdom had a border war separating the elven Princess Vahlia and human Prince Aben Hawkwinter who had fallen in love. (DR369, p.17)

In "centuries past", Karavakos, a tiefling wizard, made an infernal pact for a legion to secure his petty kingdom from wild monsters and civil rebellion. His kingdom expanded to rival Nerath. But when he tried to invade the Feywild, he was defeated and imprisoned in the Pyramid of Shadows along with his eladrin consort Vyrellis. Their life-forces became splintered, disabling them from escaping. Karavakos decapitated Vyrellis in anger, resulting in the artifact Head of Vyrellis. (PoS, pp.2-3, 22)

The eladrin city of Mithrendain in the Feywild was created several hundred years ago in the waning days of the eladrin empire. (DR366, p. 5)

Many centuries ago, the master psionicist Karrak-Dur lost a battle with a mind flayer named Shankharam and his consciousness was imprisoned in a gold circlet. (DR367, p. 27)

Centuries ago, a powerful goliath sorcerer named Voran Earthmane constructed a keep in the middle of a rank swamp where he could conduct his arcane research in peace. (DU171, p.5)

Centuries ago, an elf wizard by the name of Cwell created spells that she used in conjunction with her familiar, a dragonling named Cava. (DR382, p. 25) She founded what became known as the Cavalian school of magic. (DR382, p. 26)

Centuries ago, the warlock Eraea forged a pact with the Archdevil Glasya, which she hoped to use to supplant Asmodeus as the leader of the Nine Hells. However, Asmodeus' inquisitors defeated her and her Daughters of Blackest Night. (DR382, p.48)

Centuries ago, a powerful covenant of warlocks known as the Umbral Cabal summoned a demon lord to do its bidding. The demon, known as Kulnoghrim the Terrible, committed such horrific deeds of carnage and madness that it became too much for the warlocks to bear. The group bound the fiend by using a forbidden ritual, destroying themselves in the process. (DR383, p.42)

Centuries ago, a paladin named Berath led a crusade into the Caverns of Fiery Splendor. (DU175, p.5)

Centuries ago, Tiamat’s eventual green brood mother dallied with two dragonborn champions of Tiamat. She couldn’t bear to lose them to old age, so she arranged to have them turned into vampires. (DU175, p. 28)

In centuries past, a faction of gnome worshipers of Moradin diverged from the doctrine of the central church, dedicated to helping the downtrodden and poor. (DR389, p.49) Three of its pupils would go on to found the Fraternal Order of the Inner Vault (DR389, p.50)

Centuries ago, lycanthrope refugees fled persecution in mortal realms and took refuge in a corner of the Feywild called Brokenstone Vale. Theirlarge numbers and savagery sparked conflict with the neighboring eladrin lords from the Court of the Stars that erupted into the War of the Pelt. (Du185, p.5)

The power vacuum left behind by Bael Turath and Arkhosia allowed Nerath to rise as a new human empire, uniting many different peoples. When elven forests or dwarven mines were overran by monsters, the survivors often flee to the nearest human town. (PHB, p.47)

Centuries ago, the gluttonous black dragon Gulgol dominates the swamps of Fenreach, forcing lizardfolks, kobolds, trolls, yuan-ti and hags to revere her as a goddess. (Drc1CD p.238)

Uncounted centuries ago, a noble family named Vryloka were approached by the mysterious Red Witch. She offered them a powerful blood-bonding ritual that would grant them the vitality of vampires without the taint of undeath. The Vrylokas became the first living vampires. (HoS, P.126)

Crafted centuries ago, the House of Black Lanterns provides shelter to wayfarers in the Shadowfell. (S'fell, p. 78)

For centuries, the Oak Shields have guarded the wild areas of the world. (DR401, Channel Divinity: Melora)

Centuries ago, an eladrin perfected the technique for making Crystal Dragon Curio Boxes (Features Archive, "Treasure Options")

CY-800: The realm of Karkoth arose more than eight hundred years ago when the Kars, a barbaric human tribe from eastern Selduria, ventured west over the bitter heights of the Dragonspine Mountains and laid waste to the kingdoms of Surth and Dol-Thamar, before being stopped by the elves of Tarsembor. They found the Karkothi Empire. (Dr_399, "The Seven Kings of Karkoth")

The Empire of Nerath

CY-600 to CY-200

CY-600: The Empire of Nerath is founded. At fifteen years of age, Magroth founded the imperial capital, lit the legendary Flame Imperishable, and led the growing Nerathi legions on decades-long marches of expansion which would claim most of the known world within his lifetime. (Dr393, p.12)

CY-600: Solaneillon broke apart into smaller states six hundred years ago, and a charismatic half-elf noble named Althier Merind succeeded in uniting the human towns and elven forest-holds of northern Solaneillon into a single realm, establishing the Barony of Merindaelion. (DR401, "Nerathi Legends: The Emerald Blade")

Centuries after the Turathi overlords of Sarthel were overthrown, the city-state fell under the influence of a rising new power: the human-dominated Empire of Nerath. (DR398: "Nerathi Legends: Sarthel")

In the early days of the Nerath Empire, the famous wizard and explorer Aldron Farwanderer wrote the travel journals Aldron’s Chapbooks and created the magic items known as Aldron's Fireboxes. (DR383, p.67)

At the dawn of Nerath, noble knights of Pelor quested to find the Sunspire, a legendary amber tower where the sun’s daughter dwelled. (Dr400, "the Wandering Tower")

The Ghost Blades were an order of battleminds charged with protecting the nobility of the empire and its far-flung kingdoms. (DR381, p.38)

Nerath’s fourth king was a feckless heir with an eye and an appetite for hedonistic distractions and none of the discipline or devotion shown by his sire. Albrect the Unworthy, as he was called, cowered on his throne as the orc hordes tramped out from the mountains to pillage. Captain Michael Forsythe, known as Cunning, led his Third Legion, comprised of criminals enlisted as punishment for their crimes, in a suicide mission to hold off the hordes. They held off the hordes, at a cost of two-thirds of their soldiers. As reward, the soldier received only pardons. (DR396, "The Last Legion")

Hundreds of years ago, the city of Erathium was the prosperous jewel of culture and trade in the empire of Nerath. The covenant between the temple of Erathis and the imperial rulers was strong, with just King Pedrawd. Soon, however, King Pedrawd was using the avengers of Erathis to hunt his political enemies. (Dr387, p.36)

Centuries before Nerath fell to ruin, the Kaorti, an order dedicated to Ioun, became corrupted by the influence of the Far Realms, eventually migrating to the Far Realms themselves. (DU161, pp.73-74)

The Collectors, a group dedicated to Ioun, were founded in the heyday of the human kingdom of Nerath. (Dr385, p.78.)

Boris Zaspar was a great knight in service to the Nerathan crown, and for his deeds, foremost of which was slaying the red dragon Pyrothenes, he was granted lands extending out from Lake Wintermist’s western shore for as far as he could walk in every direction from sunrise to sunset. (Du186, "Backdrop: Mistwatch")

A Nerathi dragonrider and his steed, the white dragon Auslief, chase an evil demonologist into the frozen wastes, and for ten days fought against his minions. The dragonrider died in battle, bounding Auslief to the site of his dead because the magic mithral plates that serve as armor to the dragon. Auslief changes her name to Rime, and plagued the north in winter, when magic of the plates wanes. (Drc1CD p.242)

CY-500: The Primoridal Mual-Tar, imprisoed in the Elemental Chaos, begins to break free of its chains. (DR370, p.26)

CY-410: The minotaur city of Saruun Khel was abandoned after a civil war. The surviving minotaurs were cursed by Baphomet with mindless fury. (Another source dated the ruins to 300 years ago instead of 100 years before the founding of Fallcrest.) (DMG, p.208; TL, p.2)

CY-400: Events from the stories of the hero Vendar and the dragon of Nentir. (DMG, p.198)

CY-400: The Faction War erupts in the planar city of Sigil when the Fated faction unsuccessfully tries to overthrow the Lady of Pain. The faction of Mercykillers split once more into the Sodkillers and Sons of Mercy. (DR370, p.15)

CY-400: Four hundred years ago, the Astral Sea had been disturbed by a human-crafted artifact called the Bitter Glass, a huge arcane focus in a human city called Auger that aided in communication. (DU164, p.37)

CY-400: Four hundred years ago, a meteor collided with the world and left a nasty gash across the face of the Nentir Vale. (DU192, "Scarred for Life")

CY-350: Yazadoun, a tiefling warlock, erected a fortress overlooking the fields of ash that once were Vor Kragal a “few hundred years ago”. A meteorite destroyed his fortress and the site was named Yazadoun’s Folly. (DR364, p.23)

CY-310: Human settlers from Nerath move north into the Nentir Vale, establishing Fastormel, Harkenwold, and Winterhaven. Aranda Markelhay built the Moonstone Keep, around which Fallcrest began to grow. Valthrun’s Tower was possibly built around this time. (DMG, p.198; KotS, p.20)

CY-305: King Eothyr III commissioned the Society of Imperial Artificers to create an adaptive artificial being “more than three centuries ago”. His son, King Elidyr, redirect the project for war, resulting in the warforged. King Elidyr led his armies against gnolls marching beneath the Ruler of Ruin’s banner. More than half of Nerath’s strongholds were razed in the war. (W&M, p.21; DR364, p.30)

CY-300: Over three the Nerathi prince Tarmagel invaded the Iron Wolf lands at the head of a mighty army to put an end to the barbarian raiding of Nerathi lands. The ended up allying with them against a common orc threat and marrying the daughter of the chieftain. (Dr400, "NL: Iron Wolf Barbarians")

CY-300: Over three hundred years ago, Roland comes to power in Gloomwrought. (S'Fell, p. 29)

CY-300 The Grand Warlord Banatruul cut a wide swath across the land in a series of crusades until he was killed by a githyanki general. (DR368, p. 34)

CY-300: The eladrin bard Lynadallin uses the term "shivs of sorcery" to describe a loose assortment of like-minded individuals who concentrate on dagger-based sorcery, particularly a sorcerer named Almates. (Dr390, pp.24-25)

CY-300: Three hundred years ago, the Karkothi Empire met its match in a new power from over the sea: the Empire of Nerath, then at its zenith. The Karkothi and Nerathi clashed in repeated wars over the next sixty years, until the power of Karkoth was broken and its conquests stripped away. (Dr399, "The Seven Kings of Karkoth")

CY-300: The gargoyle Shard came to Gloomwrought with Golthor three hundred years ago. (Du191, "Reign of Despair")

CY-300: Three hundred years ago, sahuagin hordes sacked Thaliessal and slew many of its people. (DR401: "Nerathi Legends: Merindaelion, Barony of the Emerald Blade")

The Fall of Nerath

CY-200 to CY-100

CY-200: The cultists of Orcus created a gate to the Shadowfell, flooding the world with undead. Legionnaires from Nerath sealed the gate and built the Shadowfell Keep. (KotS, p.2)

CY-200: Kalton Manor was raised by Lord Arrol Kalton, but the tenants were driven off by monsters from the Witchlight Fens. (DMG, p.207)

CY-200: Eladrin from the Feywild discover and name the Canaughlin Bog in the Elemental Chaos. (SotEC, p.70)

CY-200: Eladrin build a shrine that they use as a fey crossing between the Feywild and natural world near where the village of Elkridge will eventually settle. (Du190, "Force of Nature")

CY-200: The Nerathi Empire builds a lighthouse and fortress on the northernmost point of Cape Saris in Merindaelion (DR401: "Nerathi Legends: Merindaelion, Barony of the Emerald Blade")

Nerath was destroyed by hordes led by the mysterious "Ruler of Ruin". (Dr.393. p.12)

CY-190: In Nerath’s final days, King Elidyr recalled the garrisons from the frontiers, urging them to surrender their posts to shore up the cities against the gnoll hordes. Many returned to their native lands, but some stayed behind to shield the flagging kingdom against the other arrayed enemies as they had since the kingdom first spread beyond its first cities. (DR386, p.12)

CY-190: King Elidyr fell in battle during the gnoll wars. The battle broke the Nerath empire and led to its downfall. (HoS, P.6)

CY-190: King Elidyr died, along with his heirs and trusted nobles, a “few decades” before the final disintegration of Nerath. Other sources claimed that the fall of Nerath involved orcs, goblins, demons, and perhaps a secret curse. (W&M, p.21; R&C, p.18; DR364, p.30)

CY-190: The True Born were a group of humans who stood fast as savagery replaced civilization around them. (DR386, p.49)

When Nerath fell, the Ghost Blades were destroyed in the chaos that consumed Nerath. The few survivors were hunted down in the aftermath by those forces quick to claim territory and power where the empire once stood, and also by those once loyal to the empire, who blamed its greatest warriors for its destruction. Within a generation, the Imperial Guard was destroyed and all but forgotten. (DR391, p.38)

It is rumored that Uhon Nerika, the last Ghost Blade, rescued a girl, who was the last of the Imperial line. Nobody knows what happened to the girl or Uhon Nerika. (DR391, p.39)

Prince Roland used his influence to move the Third Legion to the remotest outposts. He did so because he coveted a woman who was betrothed to the commander of the Third Legion, a veteran named Paulus. Roland hoped that with leagues between them, she would forget Paulus and welcome Roland’s advances. While Roland courted the young woman, the demonic army spilled into Nerath. The Third was too far away to lend aid, and humankind’s empire collapsed. By the time they reached the battlefield, it was too late. Paulus renamed them "the Last Legion" and they spend their remaining days righting such wrongs as they could. (DR396, "The Last Legion")

The Stained Page, a sect of devotees of the Raven Queen, is born on the battlefields of the fall of Nerath. (DU171, p.87)

The mithral dragon Aelmedrion hatched while the edifices of the empire of Nerath crumbled (DU173, p.80)

The order of the Collectors was nearly destroyed in the chaos surrounding the fall of Nerath, and their collections were lost to the winds. They splintered into three distinct branches: the chroniclers, the excavators, and the seekers (Dr385, p.78)

When the armies of evil encircled Gardmore Abbey, the abbey’s paladins entrusted a messenger with a map indicating the locations of their greatest artifacts and begged him to deliver it to the emperor. (Dr400, "The Wandering Tower").

CY-186: A teenager called Maldeen joined the militia ordered to the Red Rock Pass to stop an orc invasion. His wits enabled the militia to turn the tides of battle. After he reprimanded the local baron, he was imprisoned. His followers beseiged the baron’s castle for three years, after which the baron was killed by his own general. (DR364, p.49)

CY-183: Maldeen restored the baron’s son to power and acted as an advisor for 40 years before retiring from service. (DR364, p.49)

CY-150: Gardmore Abbey was destroyed by evil forces after the paladins reputedly brought back a dark artifact for safekeeping. (DMG, p.206)

CY-143: Daniorra accepts appointment to headmistress of White Lotus Academy. (DR374, p.13)

CY-130: The night hag Grigwartha led her coven to create the first boneclaw via a ritual that conbines ogre parts with oni souls “over a century ago”. (MM, p.37)

CY-130: The moon Iltani first rose in the east. (DR382, p.102)

CY-130: A teenaged boy named Aurtus hired himself out as a messenger, delivering messages and packages in the city of Fallcrest. (DR387, p.57)

CY-120: Varain Cawdorai, a raven-haired elf, encountered the retired Maldeen as an old man and became the first Gray Wolf. When she was past her middle age (100+ years old), she became a pack master of the Gray Wolves. (DR364, p.53; PHB, p.41)

CY-120: A fortified town called Fort Dolor was built in the hinterlands "more than a century ago". Its growth provoked repeated attacks by the white dragon Frystiomagythant. (DU157, p.83)

CY-120: Aurtus heard the call of Pelor and began studying at the House of the Sun in Fallcrest. (DR387, p.57)

CY-116: Refugees from Delkarem’s Vale fled into Starfall Forest. Maldeen, then 84-year-old, died after scattering the pursuing ogres. He became a folk hero and the Gray Wolves began to grow in numbers. (DR364, p.49)

CY-110: Troglodytes have occupied Hrak Azuul, the Fungal Fortress, for “over a hundred years”. (W&M, p.37)

CY-105: Sir Malagant challenged the alienist cult leader to single combat in the Warwood. Both leaders died, resulting in the scattering of both armies. (DU155, pp.61-63, 78)

A little over a century ago, a group of heroes prevented Demogorgon from undergoing an apotheosis that would have transformed him into something akin to a god. A hero slew Demogorgon, but the Abyss resurrected him and, with Dagon's help, Demogorgon slew his murderer. (Demon, p.68.)

Over a century ago, the Cult of Exquisite Agony scour the wreckage of the yuan-ti city of Zannad, and then turned on one another when they succumbed to madness. (DU162, p.5)

Generations ago, the Library of Highforest was a small center for learning operated by priests and sages of Ioun, until a scholar named Ulferth fell under the influence of a demon that served Kyuss. In his madness, Ulferth drew a horde of nightmare creatures up from the depths. Spawn of Kyuss overran the library. (DU188, "The Legacy of Baelard")
+Recent Times

CY-100 to CY-101

Events measured in decades, and not explicitly stated to occur during the Nerathi Empire, is included here

CY-100: After “a few decades” without a king, Nerath finally disintegrated into independent states. Talon Pass was sacked by barbarians shortly before the collapse. (DMG, p.198; ToTP, p.1; DR364, p.30)

CY-100: The Nerathi lord of Graefmonte slew his own son rather than see his own son slain in battle, causing his town to be transported into the Shadowfell. (DR375, p.63)

CY-100: Tetherya Acrid founds the Moon Catchers. (DR382, p.103) Shortly thereafter, Iltani explodes. (DR382, p.102)

CY-100: With the collapse of imperial authority, the leading noble families of Sarthel established a Council of Lords to govern the city. (DR398, "Nerathi Legends: Sarthel")

CY-100: The arid plains and dry woodlands east of Lake Sarn are virtuallydepopulated in the great wars that marked the end of Nerath. (DR398, "Nerathi Legends: Sarthel")

The circle at the Witchlight Hermitage was created by lizardfolk over a century ago. (Du191, "Battle at the Witchlight Hermitage")

Recently, Nusemnee, the goddess of redemption was slain by poison distilled from her father Zehir's blood. because it is believed that her own blood can be distilled to mae a poison that can kill Zehir, her corpse is closely guarded by cultists of Zehir in the Astral Sea. (DR390, p.47)

Nusemnee's priests and followers begin to dwindle in numbers after her death, as they drift to other deities, or cease worship altogether. (DR390, p.47)

Founded several decades ago, the Bleak Academy united those with an interest in necromancy, the Shadowfell, and undead in general. Skull City, the city they founded, welcomes any with the same interest, sheltering them within the bone walls provided they swear oaths to Acerarak the Devourer. (DR371, p.10)

Decades ago, the village of Tranqulity is transformed into the Domain of Dread, the Endless Road, after its village elder, Eli Van Hassen, forces his daughter to falsely accuse a noble hero of ravishing her, and having the innocent man beheaded. (Du174, p.67-80)

When Nerath fell, the world descended into chaos. While civilization was weak, the demon lord Yeenoghu, ancient enemy of the minotaurs, sent an immense horde of gnolls to stake his claim upon the world. The Guardian Clan of minotaurs, led by Asteron Stonesplitter formed an alliance with the civilized races, and with their combined might they defeated the gnolls and drove them back into the wild. Other minotaur clans attacked the Guardians as traitors to the Horned King. After many years’ journey, they followed the Mistroad River through the Stone Forest valley and up the side of Sentinel Peak and founded Mistwatch. (Dr385, p.18)

The ancestors of the Bogbottom goblins passed into the Feywild decades ago. Through a deal with Baba Yaga, the goblins acquired the glamour that protects the Murkroot Trade Moot that they manage. (Dr393, p.6)

Less than a century ago, the demon lord Kostchtchie claims the Iron Wastes as his own. (Demon, p.64)

After defeating his mother for territorial domination, Andraemos, a brass dragon, found the Sand Thieves, a guild of eladrin bandits, that he uses to enforce his will in his domains. Also, Andraemos capture the desert city of Kashtaph and made a truce with the tribes of goblins that lives in that desert. (Drc2MD p.202)

In the frozen north, a cobalt dragon named Niflung awakened for his longest slumber and dominates the region. A tribe of giants and Shifters named the Talons of Winter where subjugated a dominated by the dragon to enforce his will in the region. (Drc2MD p.212)

The Sever: A few decades ago, a group of dissatisfied noble houses rebelled against Prince Roland the Deathless in Gloowrought in the Shadowfell. Roland defeated the rebels. (S'fell, p.15)

Decades ago, Yarol wins the House of Black Lanterns from the prior owner through a game of chance. (S'fell, p. 79)

Decades ago, firesoul genasi Azuun Bennic is the City of Brass' chief ambassador to Gloomwrought. (S'fell, p.114)

The site of the Witchlight Hermitage has been occupied for nearly 100 years. (Du191, "Battle of the Witchlight Hermitage")

Decades ago, Devina of House Umberfell in Gloomwrought dumped Cauldrus Barrowmere. (Du191, "Reign of Despair")

CY-90: The Bloodspear War began as orcs from the Stonemarch swept across the Nentir Vale. Fallcrest, Kobold Hall, and Fastormel were razed. (DMG, pp.198, 207, 208)

CY-90: When Fallcrest fell to the Bloodspears, Aurtus compiled the histories of the nearby lands into a tome called The Living Tome of Pelor. (DR387, pp.57-58)

CY-80: Shadowfell Keep was abandoned. Sir Keegan slaughtered the keep’s residents. (KotS, p.34)

CY-75: An earthquake collapsed the upper towers of Shadowfell Keep after “a few years”. (KotS, p.34)

CY-50: The seekers never arrive at the meeting of the Collectors, and haven’t been heard from since. (Dr385, p.75)

CY-50: King Frem orders sewers to be built beneath the community of Everwatch. (Dr392, p.14)

CY-50: Fifty years ago, the gargoyle Shard was recruited by the TenebrousCabal to serve its interests in Gloomwrought. (Du191, "The Reign of Despair")

CY-40: The hobgoblin Azarr Kul discovered the Fane of Tiamat in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. After uniting the tribes and gaining draconic allies, he made plans to conquer Elsir Vale. (RHoD, p.4)

CY-30: An earthquake caused a large portion of Vor Kragal to rise out of the ashes. (DR364, p.19)

CY-30: The bugbear Graala Bloodghost founds the Bloodghost Syndicate. (DR366, p.64.)

CY-30: Prospector Uri Farwalker discovers the feral tribe of humans called the Haastani in the Bogtangle Swamp. (DR386, p.6)

CY-30: Kirstal Galliston begins to have nightmares. (DU177, p.49)

CY-30: Lord Bandor Imbran, a half-elf noble, is born in Sarthel. He will eventually seek to expose the Asmodean cult of the Iron Circle. (DR398, "Nerathi Legends: Sarthel")

CY-25: The wizards Hasifir, Niame, and Samazar came to Saruun Khel and established the Seven-Pillared Hall. (TL, p.2)

CY-20: An upheaval in the City of Brass allowed some slaves of efreet nobles to escape. They created Gloamnull. (SotEC, p.74)

CY-20: Kirstal Galliston gives birth to Redra Galliston. (DU177, p.49)

CY-20: The fortuneteller Anezha was elevated to the position of matriarch of the Gloomwrought area Vistani. (Du191, "Reign of Despair")

CY-12: Volarn, the leader of the Kaorti, a corrupted Ioun cult trapped in the Far Realms, contacts his last living relative in the World and begins to manipulate him. (DU163, p.51)

1 Cataloging everything that has been described as occurring in the Points of Light in the decade before the events that occur before the PCs begin adventuring would be too time-intensive, and will not be included herein.